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We Are Twistie

Our Mission

Twistie aims to provide a safe, healthy and sustainable alternative to period care, for all menstruating persons no matter social or financial status. We promote open, honest relationships and conversations about menstruation and better period care practices. This is why we have made Twistie Cups available in North America, the UK , as well as in the Caribbean with plans to expand to other developing countries.

We strongly believe that all menstruating persons deserve access to all period care options, especially sustainable ones.


Our Story

This is Tawana, Founder of Twistie

Twistie was born in Tawana's heart when she moved to the US (DMV), and stumbled upon the life-changing benefits of menstrual cups. She was amazed at the invention and realized that still, not many persons in North America had made the transition from harmful and toxic pads and tampons. She also thought of how inaccessible menstrual cups were for menstruating persons in developing countries, as she had never heard about or seen them provided for the average menstruating person in the Caribbean.​


She then made it her heart's mission to spread the word and make menstrual cups accessible, as well as normalized for persons in both her new home (US) and old. With plans to expand our list of territories, we continue to provide menstrual cups to menstruating persons persons who need it.


Her mantra is 'why shouldn't we all experience the ease, convenience and comfort of a menstrual cup? Especially when it helps the environment we live in.

Join the period party!

Help us to normalize the menstruation experience by talking all things period with us on social media.

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