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Twistie Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. See from persons all around the world why the Twistie Cup is life changing.


What every period is like:

- You want chocolate

- You want sex

- Let's be sad about everything

- Kill them

- Kill them too

- Kill them and eat their chocolate

- Shh, it's okay, you'll feel better soon

- HAHAHAHAHA no you won't

- Whoops, you dropped something, better cry

Luckily with my Twistie Cup, it takes the edge off with the 12 hour protection and no leakage. I especially enjoy that it's all natural and chemical free. Another major pro for me is that I have no risk of getting toxic shock syndrome, which is always a plus.

Make the change, your vagina will thank you!

- Jody P.









Say It Loud

We talk about the menstruation experience loudly and proudly because it's a natural bodily function. We aim to break the stigma that's surrounded menstruation for decades to help normalize menstruation and promote sustainable period care. Help us keep the conversation going by following us on social media @twistieonthego or leaving us a review.

We appreciate it!

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