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Size Guide

Model 1

Model 2

Most Persons Can Use Both

We've seen many of our customers use the Model 2 Cup on heavier days and the Model 1 Cup on lighter days, but for some, one size may be more comfortable. 


Consider Some of the Following Indicators:

  • Virgin: The muscles in the vagina are tighter before sexual intercourse. If you are a virgin, we recommend the Model 1 Cup.

  • Activity level: Persons who are active with a strong pelvic floor may prefer the Model 1 Cup.

  • Vaginal Birth: After vaginal birth, the vaginal canal may slightly widen. You may prefer the Model 2 Cup.

  • Flow: We recommend the Model 2 Cup for persons with a heavy flow and the Model 1 Cup for person with a light to medium flow.

  • Cervix Height: The height of your cervix can affect the comfort of your cup while inserted. For persons with a high cervix, you can use either model. For persons with a medium to low cervix, we recommend the Model 1 Cup.

How To Measure Your Cervix

  1. Wash your hands and insert a finger into your vaginal canal.

  2. Feel for the opening of your cervix. You will know when you feel something soft similar to the tip of a nose. 

  • 1st knuckle = a low cervix

  • 2nd knuckle = a medium height cervix

  • 3rd knuckle = a high cervix

Your cervix may change positions at different times throughout the ovulation cycle. It is best to check your cervix height at the beginning of each period, as it can change in position from period cycle to period cycle.



Model 1

Volume: 25ml / 0.85 fl oz

Cup Height (without stem): 46mm / 1.81in

Full Height: 72mm / 2.83in

Stem length: 26mm / 1.02in

Rim Diameter: 41mm / 1.61in

Model 2

Volume: 30ml / 1.01 fl oz

Cup Height (without stem): 52mm / 2.05in

Full Height: 72mm / 2.83in

Stem length: 20mm / 0.79in

Rim Diameter: 46mm / 1.81in

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