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Can I sleep in my cup overnight?

Yes, you can sleep with your cup overnight and empty the contents in the morning.
Keep in mind that you can wear your cup for up to 12 hours. Even if your cup is not full after 12 hours, we recommend removing, washing and reinserting for healthy practices.

What if I am not near a sink or water to wash my cup?

No worries. If you are not near a sink or water to wash your cup, you can empty the contents and wipe the cup clean with unscented wet wipes or tissue until you have access to water and soap.

How do I Prevent Leaks?

If you are experiencing leaks with your Twistie Cup, don't be disheartened!

It can take up to 5 periods before some persons master use.

If you are experiencing leaks, the first thing to note is that your cup may not be fully open while inside the vagina OR it may not be covering your cervix. The best thing to do to fix this is to remove the cup, wash it, and then reinsert. Try using a finger finger to feel where your cervix is during your cycle (sometimes it may be towards the back of the vaginal wall, at the side, etc).

The cervix feels like the circular tip of a nose and is very soft. After feeling and noting which direction your cervix is in, fold the cup in your choice of fold and insert in that direction. After inserting the cup, twist the cup in a clockwise direction. Allow the cup to pop open by pulling it down and pushing it back up then twist in a circular motion until it moves seamlessly. To check if the cup is open fully, run a finger around the lower outside base of the cup to check for dents. If there are dents, repeat the steps above.

What if my cup cannot go in?

Some persons may have difficulty getting the cup inserted on their first few tries however, vaginas are powerful and will naturally expand to fit a menstrual cup. We suggest:

  • Trying a comfortable fold from the selection of folds available (the Punch Down Fold or The C Fold are the most widely used for beginners).

  • Using water as a natural lubricant to help with insertion.

What if my cup gets stuck inside my vagina?

The first thing to do is breathe, the Twistie Cup cannot get stuck inside the vaginal canal.
If it travels too far up, gravity will inevitably pull it back down. We recommend getting in a squatting position, or sitting on the toilet with legs relaxed and open, push down as if you are defecating and the cup should slide down naturally. When you feel the stem of the cup, take a hold of it and pull it down until you are able to pinch the base of the cup, breaking the suction. After that, gently pull it out to remove it!

What is the minimum age requirement for using a Twistie Cup?

There is no minimum age requirement to use the Twistie Cup.
Once you have a period, you can use one. However the learning curve for teenagers and virgins may be more challenging than it is for adults. Because the vaginal muscles are naturally tighter for persons who are not sexually active, they may need to practice more than others initially to insert the cup. We suggest trying a fold that works and using water as a natural lubricant if you are experiencing difficulty inserting the cup.

Can I do a number 1 or 2 with my Twistie Cup inserted?

You can use the bathroom as you regularly would with your cup still inserted. This is because your cup is entered in the vaginal canal. Urine on the other hand, escapes through the urethra and feces escape from the anus.

Can I trim the stem of my cup?

We're glad you asked - yes you can!
The stem of the Twistie Cup is designed to be thin enough to ensure a comfortable experience however if you don't find the stem necessary, you can use a scissor to cut off apart of it or all of the stem at once. As a guide, use the indentations on the stem to cut.

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