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For every Twistie Cup purchased in North America, we donate one to a person in need in the developing Caribbean region, to further our mission of eliminating period poverty in developing countries.


Eliminating period poverty and promoting sustainable practices.

As you can imagine, the Caribbean is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world for travel, however period poverty still exists there in abundance. We partner with local Caribbean charities to make donations that will aid in the elimination of period poverty and promote sustainable practices.


A very big part of promoting sustainable period care involves educating menstruating persons on the alternative options that exist, as well as the benefits that they offer for the body and the earth. At each of our events, we ensure that we dedicate a section solely for educating the attendees on the importance of sustainable practices, how to use the cup and many more topics.



We strive to create open, judgement-free and positive spaces for persons to feel safe and supported. Many menstruating persons, including those who do not identify as women, often feel shamed by society when they discuss menstruation, especially in developing Caribbean Countries. This is because there is still some stigma that exists surrounding menstruation, gender identity and sexual orientation. We offer a safe space at our events to ensure that our attendees always feel confident about their bodies, appreciated and accepted.


Let's be real, who better to understand us than us? All menstruating persons get it - the period myths, the embarrassing period moments, the physical pain and discomfort, the trauma and all the menstruating experiences that are common to us. We foster dialogue among persons to share their experiences and build a community in the places that we visit so that when we are no longer physically present, they have each other as lasting allies. Because sometimes you just need to vent to your friend about your period woes.


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