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Period Care

Putting the tampon to shame.

The Twistie Cup replaces tampons and pads and lasts for 5+ years, saving you an average of USD$1,700 per year.


Now, that's a great investment.

Step Into the New Age of Periods

Take a look at all the benefits of switching to the Twistie Cup.
You won't regret it.


12 Hour Protection

You can wear for up to 12 hrs at a time. Even while sleeping.


Save an average of USD$1,700 per year.
Who doesn't like to save money?

No waste

The Twistie Cup lasts for 5+ years and is compostable which means, no waste for Mother Earth - yay!

Toxic Free Lifestyle

No chemicals, no parabens, no scents, no bleach. Better for your body.



No uncomfortable diaper booty and no strings. Just freedom.


Live Life on the Go

Work, run, hike, swim, jog, lift, bike etc. No more skipping activities because of your period!  Enjoy hassle free living.

Why More People Are

Switching to the Cup

95% of people who use the Twistie Cup say that they'll never go back to tampons and pads. Read their stories to see why you should make the switch too!

End Period Poverty

Millions suffer from period poverty in the Caribbean region because of limited access to period care products and a lack of finances. Learn what we are doing to eliminate period poverty in the Caribbean region.

Connect With Us!

We love discussing all things period with you on our social media to normalize the menstruation experience. Join the convo!

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